For an idea to reach its potential it needs to be taken on a journey. We invent digital products and experiences for people with ideas - here are some journeys we've recently made.

Central Saint Martins

A digital space for a physical collection

Project details

A unique collection of moving image art was consigned to a dusty back room. Central St martins wanted to bring it back to life and give it context, meaning and usefulness in the modern world.

The Forgotten Resource

We recognised early on that for a collection to thrive it requires nurturing. It cannot remain relevant if its sole purpose is just to be consumed by students. The collecting of new material needs to be encouraged and the gardening of material already in the collection needs to be encouraged.

Through a series of discovery workshops, interviews and research, we considered the broader ecosystem into which the collection would grow, adapt and fit and set ourselves some questions to answer: How is new material going to be acquired? How do we pull things out from the collection and present them in different contexts?

A shared space that we can all use and develop and contribute to ... an important way of developing research practice.

Steven Ball - Central Saint Martins

A Living breathing archive

Our strategy was to bring the collection to visibility by encouraging users to explore it the way they want, through tagged content, via discussion or by following artists or works.

Users can create events, groups and share discussions centred around the collection as well as contribute their own content. This creates a unique platform for art exploration, discussion and information-sharing. It also provides new context on how archives can be accessed, made relevant and useful and vitally, we’ve seen an important archive brought back to life.

Know Maths

Innovation in the classroom

Project details

A ground-breaking educational tool that accelerates student progress, supports teachers and gives immediate access to one-to-one online tuition by experts.

Supporting teachers to support their students

The classroom is not a level playing field - children learn at different speeds and face individual challenges. The challenge of providing regular, individual support to each and every student increases with growing class sizes.

Teachers need a simple, immediate and accessible resource that supports their class plans, timetables and, more importantly, their students. Know Maths sets out to do exactly that - an online educational platform that brings National Curriculum-trained tutors and individual students together - creating an accessible, virtual resource of classroom assistants.

Hatch did a great job, quickly grasping the customer perspective and translating this speedily into an interface design that has been very well received by our users

Tom Hooper - Founder, Know Maths

An experience that really connects

We imagined, built and developed a ground-breaking online scheduling system, designed and implemented user-testing systems and environments and watched this unique learning-platform launch into 30 schools.

We’ve formulated powerful brand messaging that emotively connects with teachers, designed an educational experience that changes the way students develop and succeed in the classroom - and made a teacher’s days a little easier.

We are continuing to work with Know Maths and will be observing teachers and students using the system in the classroom and will be refining it based on our findings.


Keeping your precious moments alive

Project details

Our deep knowledge of the different operating systems enabled us to create a compelling photo sharing experience specifically for iPhone users.

Reimagining the experience

The app was originally developed for Android so redesigning for iPhone was an opportunity to reassess. Our aim was not only to make it easier for people to edit and share photos as well as to buy products, but also create a delightful, engaging experience.

The team at Hatch made the whole process engaging and constructive at every turn. They listened, reviewed and took the User Interface and Experience to a new level, ensuring the app remained creative and intuitive throughout.

Treena Cooper - Co-founder Chappters

A simpler, richer experience

Through engaging message screens and a customised suite of of icons we created a new design system which injected personality into the app.

We simplified the experience reducing the number of taps and redundant screens and made the buying process easier. The main controls were re-imagined making the whole experience simpler and more intuitive.